13 maj 2008

Charlotte på scen i Belgrad

Så har då Charlotte Perrelli tagit sina första stapplande steg på Eurovisionscenen i Belgrad - och de bloggande fansen skriver bland annat följande:

"The build to the key change is shorter and for me that makes it less dramatic. Charlottle sings perfectly and the choreography is sharp, but the two chubby waiters still don't help (even dressed in black). Being honest Iceland is such a stomper of a opener I think it's casting a slight shadow over Sweden. Sweden SHOULD qualify, but right now I'm a lot less sure."

"Sweden looks strangely static - and that's not just her face. A big Christmas schlager song done with apple pie folding, it's so precise that you can hardly see the joins. Sadly unlike Ms Perreli's 'work' which with the traditional Swedish wind will be scaring children Europe wide in their nightmares for many months to come. At least Lordi were cuddly. No seriously, rather than the good burghers of Europe going 'lovely lovely gal' when she's singing, they'll be remarking on the quality of her surgeon and wondering how much restorative work she'll need doing when the lift slips."

"Sweden's very, very good. There are absolutely *no* surprises here, it's the self-same routine that Charlotte's been using for nearly three months now on this song. All the elements are in place, the blue chromakeyed opening, the lasers, the gradual arrival of the backings. Trust me, there's nothing I can tell you here that you don't already know - except that she's performing with total confidence, and yet you can just tell that she's left plenty in the tank for when it matters."

"Franko said "Is she singing, it could be the recording" - It was totally perfect at the first attempt, something that is very rare and also, she has the added advantage that she has known what performance she was going to do for the last 3 months - something that others have not had."

"It pains me to say this but it's not only going to qualify but guaranteed top 5. If Iceland were note perfect, Charlotte was beyond perfect. It's slick, well choreographed without any stupid props as others have used. Okay her idea of casual day wear is quite clearly from Ann Summers but you can forgive that with what we've just seen. I'm clearly not a fan of hers but if I'm being honest I speak as above and the fan polls are not tooooo far off the mark. I have an inkling of a doubt where it can win but it's certainly the typical safe Swedish result that they seem to go for every second year these days."

Kolla själva och avgör!

Ta gärna en koll på Islands Eurobandið HÄR också om ni undrar vad killarna i början snackar om.

Ukraina är inte mycket sämre de heller. De där "facken" där grabbarna dyker upp i början är ju geniala på scen. Tillsammans med grekernas bok och ryssarnas stege + konståkare så är Ani Lorak mina scenografifavoriter hittills.

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Anonym sa...

Gud vad jag skrattade när jag såg att de mulliga killrna var kvar, resten av Europa kommer också att garva. Det är så sött oskuldsfullt svenskt att inte fatta att varje detalj avgör, så trots att jag garvar så tycker jag att det är lite gulligt, men de kommer inte att vinna för det ger ett skimmer av buskis! :D

MelloMats sa...

Hennes engelska har förbättrats avsevärt! ("I sing in a danceband called whysex")