12 maj 2008

Dagens Citat

"I am sure that Russia will be Top5. I think the Armenian representative has good chances, Serbia and of course Ani Lorak. I also like the Greek representative, Kalomira. Sweden might have a sucess, but at the same time - it might not even qualify from the semi-final. It's also very interesting what might happen to Irish turkey, after we have the past experience with Lordi. But I personally think that this whole fuss about it being the winner is far too overrated."

- Alla Pugatjovas ex-make, tillika Eurovisionfenomenet (han har deltagit för Ryssland, gjort covers på en hel hög låtar i sitt hemland och de senaste året åkt runt med Rysslands respektive Vitsysslands respektive Ukraina (i år som Ani Loraks låtskrivare), Philipp Kirkorov talar ut om årets Eurovision.

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